Spira Energy

Incubator: Chalmers Ventures

Daniel Ehrnberg says he’s learned not to take things for granted. He's the entrepreneur behind Spira Energy, a new-found company that is allegedly onto something big.

“We have a solution that can be amazing.”

Spira Energy is one of the 10 winners of the 2018 ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Scholarship – hence deeptech of the week! 


ENTREPRENEUR: Daniel Ehrnberg

COMPANY: Spira Energy

Incubator: Chalmers Ventures

Business idea:

Building a machine that compress air, to cost-efficiently store energy on a large scale.

With a background in physics and a special interest in machines, Daniel Ehrnberg says he wants to create something big.

– I like nature a lot, and maybe that's why I often find solutions in the field of renewable energy and energy storage.

Daniel is the entrepreneur behind Spira Energy, a new-found company currently running through Chalmers Ventures’ accelerator program. 

– We have a fantastic business coach, Håkan Axelsson, that almost always asks the right questions.

productifying air

Daniel has invented a machine that can effectively compress air and be used to cost-efficiently store energy on a large scale.

– The technical solution has potential to be significantly more efficient and cheaper than today's comparable solutions, says Håkan Axelsson, business coach at Chalmers Ventures Accelerator. 

The machine is especially suitable for use in large scale cost-effective energy storage, and the underlying technology is now patented with a series of successful prototype tests at Chalmers University of Technology. 

– I want to create something that can change the world, says Daniel.

Spira Energy now plans to start installation of the first machines in 2018 and 2019, after having initiated collaboration with several customers. 

– The support from ÅForsk is fantastic. This means that we can focus on the company's development and lay the foundation for one of its biggest steps.