Member: Umeå Biotech Incubator

Meet CEO and founder of Biosolens Jonas Eriksson, building momentum in Swedish hospitaltech.

"I have struggled with challenges and enjoyed success in the Early Drug Discovery field."

Biosolens is deeptech of the week!

Umeå Biotech Incubator

Entrepreneur: Jonas Eriksson

Company: Biosolens

Member: Umeå Biotech Incubator

Business idea:

A digital platform for storage of and monitored access to high sensitive data, creating tailored solutions for patients and healthcare providers.

Most recent success

From Tromsö Science Park working with Hospital Technology to the Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden node in Umeå, Jonas Eriksson is now developing a modular digital platform for storage of high-sensitive data such as patient data or process data collected by field technicians.

Biosolen's most recent success is a national assignment to implement a status reporting and real-time treatment app for people with chronic stomach disease, allowing patients and caretakers to interact more efficiently.

– Biosolens makes the whole chain of decisions makers updated on a case. It’s a flexible formulation solution that’s able to respond with direct guidelines or alerts as well as adapt and assist in implementing advanced digital tools.

Working with eHealth, Diagnostics, Reagents and Formulations, Biosolens wants to give both patients and healthcare providers access and tailored solutions to specific needs. 

– We identify ourselves as being a privately owned pharmaceutical company using small molecular probes and reagents to detect and monitor disease, says Jonas Eriksson.

Ready to talk

Before this big breakthrough, one challenge for the company has been getting the message out. One way of approaching that problem has been partnering up with other organizations and initiatives, PatientVoice being one, to raise awareness in new fields.

– We have been very careful in choosing collaboration partners, only working with servers on the Swedish territory and in no way risking outsourcing of sensitive customer data given the debate in the news this summer.


The county council has finally caught interest in Biosolens, Jonas continues:

– We are ready to have a discussion with them on how to solve some of the challenges that caretakers are facing today.

Going international 

– Now that we have a little wind in the sails we are going to catch up with what we initially planned to do in the Formulation & Diagnostics area.

In October 2017, Biosolens is launching a product for a French customer that combines a lyophilized formula with active buffers targeting yeast in wine, Jonas explains:

– The yeast has to be monitored carefully and we see almost no difference in a wine barrel compared to a human. Biosolens has the modern and secure tools to meet that demand.

Getting support from home

Biosolens is backed by Umeå Biotech Incubator in Västerbotten. 

– The incubator has been pivotal for our success, guiding us through the whole concept of early identifying the need, and offering the right services.

Umeå Biotech Incubator offers access, flexibility, and adaptiveness around office space and laboratories, which has also meant a lot says Jonas.

– It’s very attractive for a vulnerable startup like us.