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Dry Phase Patterning

Revolutionizing electronic circuitry manufacturing and patterning of laminates

DP Patterning is not just deeptech of the week but one of the 2017 ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Scholarship winners too.

Get to know Staffan Nordlinder and his revolutionizing deep tech startup from LEAD Business Incubator in Norrköping. 

"The Swedish innovation system with LEAD, Vinnova and Almi has been essential for the success of our company."


Entrepreneur: Staffan Nordlinder

Startup: DP Patterning

Incubator: LEAD, Norrköping

Business idea:

Flexible printed circuit boards manufactured locally with environmental friendly processes that also reduces cost by 75%, making it an enabling technology for many new markets like IoT and LED-lighting. 

From paper mill to patterning

Staffan Nordlinder started off as an industrial electrician at a paper mill working with heavy production equipment before shifting to an academic carrier. 

Graduating from Linköping University with a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, he continued to work as a scientist at the research institute Acreo (today a part of RISE).

– At Acreo we supported many startup companies, meeting inventors and entrepreneurs that inspired me in taking on the challenge to commercialize a new technology.

– I’m always looking for challenges professional and private, and becoming a businessman out of a hardcore technician was a personal challenge for sure, even if I had a lot of experience from management, economics and project management being a manager for several years.

– Running a startup company is something completely different and great fun! 

Pains and gains

Besides technical challenges the toughest part has been financing the development of hardware and building up an international reputation as a reliable machine manufacturer Staffan tells us.

– The fundamental research has been carried out at Acreo which gave the company the best start position, making it possible to focus on product verification and customer driven development from start.


DP Patterning is a company from LEAD in Norrköping.

– The Swedish innovation system with LEAD, Vinnova and Almi has been essential for the success of our company.

The incubator has provided Staffan and his growing company mentorship with special focus on how building sustainable business based on a unique technology as well as personal development.  

– Being a part of an incubator has been an accelerator for our company and for my personal development in the roll as a CEO. I really appreciate the training modules available and of course the inspiring office environment. Having a personal mentor with long experience from startups has also helped me to navigate in the startup field.

At growth 

The 2017 Entrepreneurial Scholarship from the ÅForsk Foundation has meant a great deal as DP Patterning is in an intense period looking at their first serial repeat order of equipment and many new customers placing a huge amount of test orders at their laboratory.

Simultaneously, they are in the phase of moving out from the incubator and setting up a new assembly facility.

– High workload like this normally makes you focus on the daily operations. The scholarship is creating a unique opportunity in continuing to growing stronger as an entrepreneur and developing our business model together with partners and mentors.