Member: Arctic Business Incubator


This is Christian Olsson, CEO of a company which develops and sells an alternative to oil-based industrial lubricants.  

“Luleå University of Technology’s surrounding innovation eco-system, which includes LTU Business and Arctic Business Incubator, creates an excellent environment for innovation development and commercialization”

Sustainalube is deeptech of the week and one of the 12 winners of the 2017 ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Scholarship.
Arctic Business Incubator

Entrepreneur: Christian Olsson

Company: Sustainalube

Incubator: Arctic Business Incubator

Business idea:

Developing oil-free, water-soluble, and non-flammable industrial lubricants as a sustainable alternative to oil-based ones.


3 professors, 1 bizdev

The innovation behind Sustainalube is a research result from Luleå University of Technology, where prototypes were developed by the three professors Yijun Shi, Mattias Grahn and Roland Larsson - now co-founders of Sustainalube.

– Their RnD-knowledge was combined with my knowledge in production and business development which created a foundation for Sustainalube as a startup, Christian explains.

– My background is industrial management studies and consulting innovative tech startups.

High performance in -30 degrees C

Getting his inspiration from helping consumers and companies in making sustainable choices, Christian is working hard to push the change from an oil-dependent society to an independent one.

– It’s one of our greatest global challenges. To do this, we need to find sustainable alternatives to replace the oils which are used in many processes today. In the form of lubricants, large amounts of oils are used, which leads to pollution and damages to nature when it is spilled, which is very common in large quantities in many areas. 

This particular problem has given the opportunity for Sustainalube to grow and to flourish their business of industrial lubricants that are biodegradable in nature and do not harm the surrounding ecosystem.

– Our customers have confirmed the lubricants high performance, even when the outside temperature hits below -30 degrees C, Christian explains.

Environment for commercialization 

Sustainalube is one of many startup companies at Arctic Business Incubator which is located in Luleå, Northern Sweden.

– The incubator provides us with consultants that have expertise in many relevant areas, with their knowledge, coaching and network. Luleå University of Technology’s surrounding innovation eco-system, which includes LTU Business and Arctic Business Incubator, creates an inspirational work environment and an excellent environment for innovation development and commercialization.

As a result perhaps, Christian received the 2017 Entrepreneurial Scholarship from the Åforsk Foundation during #SIR17 back in April.

–We are very proud. The award and recognition we receive reflect our strong commitment to our customers and towards a greener future. It is truly amazing to be able to take part in this and see all the dedicated work entrepreneurs put into their businesses. We see this award as yet another confirmation of our work, that we are heading in the right direction and that Sustainalube will keep on growing.