Here's Viktor Kjellberg on the energy saving spacetech startup for healthy indoor air climate and the two "super brothers" behind it. 

"Without the advice and help from the incubators and science parks we would not be where we are today."

Sally R is deeptech of the week and one of the 12 winners of the 2017 ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Scholarship.

Entrepreneur: Viktor Kjellberg
Company: Sally R
Incubator: Create, Västerås

Business idea

Bringing down the climate control system from the International Space Station to earth to save energy in buildings and improve indoor air quality.

Background of a forerunner

– I studied business because I believe it can transform the world. I believe business drives development. This development can be both positive and negative. As entrepreneurs we have the possibility, but also a responsibility, to steer this development in the right direction.

– Entrepreneurs who have understood this and are betting their time and money on an idea that can have a positive impact and enhance our society really inspires me, winning entrepreneur Viktor Kjellberg tells us.

Viktor was announced one of Sweden's coming society devs just a week back when he recieved the 2017 ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Scholarship on the #SIR17 stage.

Viktor and his colleagues are using space technology to guarantee a healthy indoor air climate while saving energy in buildings.

This is achieved by creating a new type of air handling unit (AHU), combining ventilation solution used on earth with technology used for climate control in space on the International Space Station.

The AHU is controlled by an optimizing algorithm that guarantees optimal air quality at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Space science supporters

The energy saving spacetech startup for healthy indoor air climate is based in Västerås, connected to Create Business Incubator and Västerås Science Park.

They are also part of the European Space Agency’s Business Incubator (ESA-BIC) via Uppsala Innovation Centre.

– Without the advice and help from the incubators and science parks we would not be where we are today.

– They have really had a great impact and helped us a lot, and when I say they I mean the amazing people at the incubators and science parks working hard to help us achieve our goals. They are truly a great resource, Viktor says.

Power couple plus super entrepreneur

The business idea and the technology behind it origins from the super brothers and founders of Sally R, Anders and Fredrik Edström, Viktor tells us.

– Fredrik is amazing at the theoretical side, with a master in engineering physics and a Ph.lic. in electro technical systems. Anders complements him on the practical side, a great thinker with ten years’ experience as an automation engineer who knows how to build a physical product.

Space science saving the planet

Buildings are responsible for one third of our total global energy consumption and an equal part of our greenhouse gases. Air pollution kills seven million people every year and 92% of earth’s population breath unsafe air.

By decreasing the energy consumption of buildings and increasing the air quality Sally R have the potential to aid in tackling these problems, and support in reaching the United Nations sustainable development goals.

– Sally R is a new company with a new idea. To receive the 2017 Entrepreneurial Scholarship from the ÅForsk Foundation gives the company recognition, visibility and a strengthened position in the Swedish innovation system, Viktor concludes.

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