Nordic Singapore Innovation Days

October 28-30

Nordic Singapore Innovation Days 2024

In October, a Nordic delegation will travel to Singapore for Nordic Singapore Innovation Days 2024. A group of founders, investors, family offices, and incubators with strong focus on climate impact and commitment to green innovations between the Nordic countries and Singapore. 

Nordic Singapore Innovation Days aims to shape pioneering efforts and creating lasting impacts, paving the way for meaningful innovations and a future filled with sustainable solutions and is organised by Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP), Vinnova, Ignite Sweden, Business Sweden, Nordic Innovaton House, SG Innovate, and Enterprise Singapore.

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Sasan Shaba
Family Offices & Investors

Arwin Zendehrokh
Startups & Corproates

Elijah Aldana
Ecosystem & Project Manager

Ellinor Bokedal