A shortcut to the Swedish Innovation ecosystem

Swedish incubators

Being the home of 5000 innovative and deeptech companies and the local hotspots for entrepreneurs, academia and industry, incubators and science parks accelerate economic and societal growth in Sweden through world-class business development and networks. 

Incubators offer a dynamic process for developing people skills, business and companies including active and tailored management support, financial, technical and commercial networks, and a creative physical environment. Read more

Swedish science parks

Science parks offer stimulating environments that consists of a unique network, business development and an infrastructure tailored for growth. The science park is both an interface for people, ideas, knowledge and creativity to interact, and a platform for bigger development projects centering on innovation. Read more


The world needs people with ideas. Successful business is built on entrepreneurship, and it is incubators’ and science parks’ job to create the best possible conditions for entrepreneurship to grow.


Early-stage companies with innovative and internationally scalable business ideas, often predicted to go global. Swedish incubators are tailored to support startups on this journey.


Companies on the journey towards global markets. Commonly, these companies have a scalable service or product and an easily repetitive business model. Swedish science parks are the perfect scaleup go-tos.

Open innovation

Incubators and science parks have the knowledge and tools to support public and private organizations in open innovation processes and finding new, innovative solutions that meet challenges and goals. 

International enterprises in need of new, innovative solutions to stay competitive on a global market: Go here

Public organization in need of new, innovative solutions to meet societal challenges and goals: Go here


A typical science park feature is one or several expert industry areas (clusters), in which there is a strong concentration of companies and academic skills. These clusters often go beyond the physical space of the park, and is stated as key for regional growth.


Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) is developing the world’s most efficient innovation ecosystem by adding connectivity between our 77 member organizations and Sweden’s leading universities, corporations, public organizations, customer and exit markets.

Swedish Incubators & Science Parks is a non-profit, representing a network of more than 70 000 innovative minds. 


Swedish Incubators & Science Parks can offer well developed matchmaking services for private and public organizations, meeting their needs with new and innovative solutions often found in startups and scaleups. This creates new international business based on Swedish innovations.


Sweden’s innovation ecosystem is built on collaboration. In order for Sweden to be the world’s most efficient ecosystem for innovation, incubators and science parks can be utilized as central players working closely together with the local industry, society and academia, adding connectivity between science and business.

Global networks

Sweden has a long tradition of international collaboration with other incubator and science park networks. Among them the worldwide network IASP, representing 400 established science parks with incubators and areas of innovation from more than 70 countries.

On a global scale, Sweden is recognized as one of the most innovative countries in the world, in many ways thanks to our local ecosystems and the entrepreneurial power connected to them.

Going global

The Going Global program is part of an assignment from the Swedish government aiming to include innovative and early internationalized businesses in activities promoting export and investments. It is carried out by Business Sweden in collaboration with Swedish Incubators and Science Parks, Vinnova, Almi, Swedish incubators, science parks and startup hubs. The setup aims to combine and promote entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalization.


With 30+ years of operative experience, Swedish incubators and science parks have developed a rich toolbox along with excellence programs, business development, and shared practice to constantly re-charge it. The 30 years’ worth of a toolbox is used every day to create the best possible conditions for entrepreneurship to grow.