Translucent Innovation

Translucent Innovation is a platform for Open Innovation developed by RISE. There are many different forms of Open Innovation. Translucent Innovation is a form based on Request for Proposals (RfP), and works a little bit like a number of well known Open Innovation Servce Supplier platforms. Translucent Innovation is free of charge and more secure than similar RfP-based Open Innovation platforms.

18 september 2018


The needs owner start with a problem in their innovation process – often a technical problem, but it can indeed be any kind of problem related to their business development. They describe the problem in a Request for Proposals (RfP): what kind of solutions are they interested in, what are the technical specifications and how would they like to collaborate with a partner who has a solution or the capacity to develop a solution?

Whats in it for startups?

The Translucent Innovation and service help need owners to find technical solutions or research that improve their service. Translucent Innovation can be one way for startups to find a customer to make business and develop their service or product with.

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