Sweden and India are deepening the collaboration between incubators, startups and in innovation

24 april 2018

The governments of Sweden and India agreed to deepen the collaboration in innovation during the visit by prime minister Narendra Modi in Sweden. During the visit that was the first official made by an Indian prime minister in 30 years Sweden and India agreed to improve their collaboration in innovation.

The Sweden-India Start-up Collaboration
Both countries will explore opportunities for start-up innovation collaboration, to accelerate the transition of research and technology development into commercial propositions.

The start-up collaboration can be based out of existing structures in India, and may include the creation of an incubator exchange program for Swedish and Indian start-ups, including incubator managers, as well as offering a forum to facilitate cooperation between incubators and technology clusters.

The start-up collaboration may result in the creation of bilateral innovation challenges for startups in Sweden and India. Both countries will also encourage activities to bring the innovation clusters in Sweden and India together.

Research and Innovation Infrastructure and Testbeds
Both countries will explore the establishing of mechanisms to facilitate mutual access to research and innovation infrastructure in both countries. This may include collaboration between testbeds and the creation of open innovation arenas, new testbeds and living labs, within the areas for collaboration mentioned above.

Areas for collaboration

• Smart cities and transportation including e-mobility

• Energy, smart grids, clean technologies

• Smart industry, digitalisation, start-ups and IPR issues

• New materials and advanced manufacturing

• Space and aeronautics

• Circular and bio-based economy including biomaterials

• Health and life sciences including biomedical devices