Sustainable Mobility As a service

A Challenge from Sweden

23 mars 2017

A wide chain of services is enabling new ways of moving: E-hailing, carpooling, bike renting, leasing, and cab sharing. With several trending drivers such as urbanization, fintech, AI, generation Digital, and sustainability challenges, Mobility as a Service is a potential disrupter to welcome.

Sustainable Mobility as a Service is a challenge from Sweden, aiming to co-develop new solutions and profitable business models in order to reach the goal of a fossil free transportation sector before 2050.

Sweden has committed to a long-term goal of reducing or eliminating carbon pollution within its borders, and has designated the Swedish Energy Agency as the coordinating agency in energy supply and the transportation sector.

As a result, the platform A Challenge from Sweden has been co-developed with Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, bringing together the most committed stakeholders to meet key sustainability challenges.

"Gather a group of buyers, give the need definition the appropriate amount of time, reach out globally, and make it easy for solution providers to participate." 

Charlotte Lejon, Head of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Photo Credits: Werned Nystrand/