Exporting smart cities.

Duration: 1.10.2015 – 30.9.2018

Project partner: SISP Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Stockholm, Sweden, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Tallinn, Estonia, Turku Science Park Ltd, Turku, Finland, Västerås Science Park AB, Västerås, Sweden, Posintra Ltd, Porvoo, Finland

Funding: 1.419.997, 25 euros from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project in a nutshell: The project SME2Go aimed at: Improving the competitiveness of smary city solution provides. The project brought together SMEs and their knowhow , trained them in sales and marketing skills, provided market intelligence and formed consortia out of these SMEs with readiness to enter new markets. The project resulted in 8 cross border consortia of Central Baltic smart city SME’s which will lead to new sales in relevant target markets achieved either during or shortly (1-2 years) after the project implementation.

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23 mars 2017

SME2GO is an EU growth initiative supporting Swedish, Finnish and Estonian smart city SMEs in reaching new markets.

Together with multinational enterprises the initiative creates synergies, new cross-boarder business opportunities and exports.

SME2GO is run by five innovation partners from Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

5 reasons to join

1. Network with multinationals and growth SMEs
2. Join international marketing and sales training sessions
3. Partner up with Nordic smart city companies and scale
4. Get access to market intelligence
5. Accelerate thru science parks and industry expert support


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