Södertälje Science Park opened up for business today

30 januari 2018

The inauguration of Södertälje Science Park took place today January 30th.

Södertälje. Södertälje Science Park officially opened the doors for the public today in the city of Södertälje, Stockholm County area. The Science Park is focusing on becoming an open arena for innovation and development within sustainable production and production flows.

The Science Park is a result of a close cooperation in between Södertälje municipality, Scania, AstraZeneca, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Acturum.

Focus is on creating an arena where SMEs can scaleup the production of products, solutions or services in a sustainable way.

"It has been a great opening day with both national and international participants, group leaders, academics and government and local representatives. Everybody talked about collaboration and that is exactly what Södertälje Science Park is about. Now we are focusing on to become world leading within sustainable production flows." Says Robert Kingfors, CEO of Södertälje Science Park.

The Science Park is established in a new building connected to the older facilities of AstraZeneca’s research site in Södertälje. Södertälje Science Park also contain the new campus site of KTH Royal Institute of Technology with bachelor and master education programs in sustainable production. 

Professors and researchers from KTH within the subject of sustainable production is also allocated to the new site in Södertälje.

Södertälje Science Park was officially opened by Leif Östling, chairman of Södertälje Science Park with well-established positon in Södertälje as the former CEO of Scania and Sigbritt Karlsson, President of KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Helene Hellmark Knutsson, the Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research also gave a statement during the inauguration about the importance collaboration between the industry and academy.

In the coming days, Södertälje Science Week – a full week with 60 events, lectures and workshops takes place in Södertälje Science Park to engage the public and different stakeholders in Södertälje.

Swedish Incubators & Science Parks looks forward to continuesly follow the development