Intelligent energy management

A Challenge from Sweden

23 mars 2017

Intelligent Energy Management is a long-term project for renewable energy, energy storage and micro-grids.

Needs and challenges come from Sweden and matching solutions from all over the world. 

Now is the moment of truth.

Four challenge winners are being tested in real environments of municipalities and organizations in Sweden, looking at implementation and procurement in 2018 and onwards.

Latest news

Oktober 2017

Future energy systems using smart grids and solar electricity

The winners

Energy management that measures in real time and predicts the future, self-learning energy systems in buildings, the energy storage equivalent to the smart phone and a business model for smart local energy communities.

These are the four international winning solutions of the Intelligent Energy Management Challenge.

CERTH, Greece

This team has developed AGILE, a self-learning energy system that adapts and makes better and better smart decisions about the buildings energy usage real-time, while unconditionally meeting end-user needs.

Amzur Technologies, USA

This winning team has developed a smart energy meter that predicts energy usage and how much solar power is generated. The energy meter helps the consumer to decide when to use battery power and when to buy electricity from the grid.

KIC InnoEnergy, Sweden

The team behind Local System Operator (LSO) takes a step towards smarter energy usage through an innovative business model based on local energy production and consumption. The solution contributes to creating smart energy communities comprising consumers and buildings, which together create a more sustainable energy usage.

Ferroamp Elektronik, Sweden

EnergyHub is a scalable solution providing greater energy management efficiency, less energy waste, easier installation and maintenance for consumers. Just as the smart phone is a communication platform, EnergyHub is a platform for the storage of renewable energy.

Solar is a hot market

The combination of solar energy and energy storage is currently a hot topic in the developing energy sector. As the share of renewable electricity increases, so does the need for storage and flexibility in the energy system.

The aim of the Intelligent Energy Management (IEM) is to obtain new flexible solutions where the energy systems of buildings are modified so that solar energy can be used and stored locally to a greater extent than it is today.

This type of service is becoming increasingly important in a world where a growing proportion of electricity is renewable.

The pilots

Five municipalities have expressed an interest and demand for new smart solutions for solar electricity:

Arvika, Gothenburg, Eskilstuna, Herrljunga and Uppsala.

All have agreed to participate and support the project by collaborating to create a collective power and market demand and will also provide pilot sites for real life testing.

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