Manufacturing of the future with Gothia Science Park, Volvo, University of Skövde and IDC West Sweden

Inaguration of ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena in Skövde

2 mars 2018

– ASSAR embodies the ambitions and needs that so many organizations are facing. It enables growth in a pace that creates a head start on the market, as well as sustainable innovations meeting complex economic, social and environmental challenges, says Kristian Wirsén, acting CEO at Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, who was present during today’s inauguration.

ASSAR is a meeting place where education, innovation and research supply industry with new solutions. The aim is to establish a world-leading physical and virtual development environment for research, technology development, innovation, and education in Skövde. 

Today, representatives from Volvo’s management expressed how this is only possible through close collaboration with academia, and access to startups and innovative environments like the one Gothia Science Park offers. 

– They emphasized the value of curiosity and speed over size, and that growth isn’t linear and predictable, but rather explorative and innovations driven, says Kristian Wirsén and continues:

– Which is really what science parks and incubators all over Sweden embodies.

 The initiators of ASSAR are the University of Skövde, Gothia Innovation, the Volvo Group, the Volvo Car Corporation, and the Industrial Development Center West Sweden.

– We want ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena to be a magnet attracting regional, national and international engineering companies and institutions sharing our vision in enhancing manufacturing and automation technologies with virtual engineering practices. In the context of ASSAR future technological and industrial solutions and innovations will be developed, says Patric Eriksson, CEO at Gothia Science Park and chairman of the board at Swedish Incubators & Science Parks.

– Patric and his team in Skövde has done an amazing job together with IDC West Sweden, the University of Skövde and Volvo. We look forward to following the progress, says Kristian Wirsén.