A national platform supporting both incubators and life science start-ups and SMEs.

Sweden’s life science incubators are working together to develop common tools and methodologies to support the development of promising companies. Through working together, we can provide high-quality support for companies and incubators from all over the country, and help connect companies with international investors.

15 mars 2017


Key Knowledge - A digital platform providing free courses and seminars covering topics that are vital for life science start ups

Expert help - get access to help and support from larger companies who have the expertise needed to provide key input to help solve your challenges, or to give you an important 'second opinion'


inancing - ALIS Invest is an annual digital matchmaking event that links life start-ups from all of Sweden with national and international investors




Our free online material will help you understand the life science 'landscape' better. What regulatory demands will be made on your product or service? When is software classified as a 'medical device' and what does this mean in practice? When do you need a CE mark, and how does the process to get one look like?

Each course program is divided into small, short modules that you can view using your computer, pad or phone at a time that suits you. If you have not already done so, you will be asked to register a Learnifier account before accessing the programs (registration is free of charge and only takes a few seconds). Get started here.




The platform is constantly being updated with new material. Currently there are over 60 different modules, including: 

Intellectual property
From the basics of patents, patenting and patent documents, to IP strategy, Freedom to Operate and IP in clinical trials

Medical devices
Covering all aspects from intended purpose & risk classification, design and development processes, software as a medical device (SaMD) and post-market activities

Equality, diversity & inclusion
Social sustainability, inclusive recruitment, gender equality and unconscious bias

Drug discovery & development
From early drug discovery and preclinical studies to pharmcokinetics and clinical trials.



There are a number of established MedTech / HealthTech companies that are passionate about supporting innovative startups and advising the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We can help connect entrepreneurs with companies that are keen to share their expertise and experience in a number of areas from detailed technical advice on specific topics to strategic business development.

The meetings need to be well prepared with clear question(s) to be discussed, so that the most relevant experts are from the larger companies are engaged.


For more information, contact Magnus Bergendahl at Sahlgrenska Science Park (

More information on Astra Zeneca's Exchange Monitoring can be found here and here.





Every year, ALIS - the Association of Life Science Incubators in Sweden - arranges a digital matchmaking event for Swedish start-ups and national and international investors.

The last meeting engaged ca. 50 start-ups and over 25 investors with over 110 digital meetings taking place

The next meeting will be held in April 2024. More information to follow!

Useful resources and links

The European Union's latest guidance on qualification and classification of software in medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. Link

TOPRA is the professional organisation for people working in regulatory affairs. They offer a range of courses and meetings, some of which in are located in Sweden. For more information, visit their calendar.

EMERGO provides a large resource of information on market data and regulatory pathways for the major markets in Europe, US and Australasia


Läkemedelsakademin is a part of Apotekarsocieteten, a non-profit organisation for professionals in the field of pharmaceuticals. Läkemedelskakademin arranges a wide range of courses and events covering all aspects of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. The course calendar can be found here.


For more information about the platform and its activities, please contact Andy Browning (, tel +46 706 181635