A national platform supporting both incubators and life science start-ups and SMEs.

Sweden’s life science incubators are working together to develop common tools and methodologies to support the development of promising companies. Through working together, we can provide high-quality support for companies and incubators from all over the country, and help connect companies with international investors.

15 mars 2017


Key Knowledge - Online seminars, courses and workshops designed to help you gain a better understanding of if - and how - regulations will affect your product or service and how risk management strategies can be implemented

Expert help - get access to help and support from larger companies who have the expertise needed to provide key input to help solve your challenges, or to give you an important 'second opinion'


inancing - national financing events that bring the most promising Swedish companies together to meet relevant national and international investors

Inspiration - find out how other start-up companies have succeeded in taking their ideas and launching their products and services on the market. How have they succeeded and what have they learned on their journey?

Events and Activities - courses and seminars for start-ups, SMEs and incubators



Our free online material will help you understand the life science 'landscape' better. What regulatory demands will be made on your product or service? When is software classified as a 'medical device' and what does this mean in practice? When do you need a CE mark, and how does the process to get one look like?

Each course program is divided into small, short modules that you can view using your computer, pad or phone at a time that suits you. 


Your road to market for a Medical Device
A step-by-step introduction to Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices and especially what important Decisions and Strategies you need to grasp to succeed in getting your product on the market. Gain an understanding of how Medical Devices are classified and what demands are made on each class

Software as a Medical Device
When does software get classified as a medical device and what does this mean? What important Decisions and Strategies you need to grasp, and what processes to implement in order to succeed in getting your product on the market. This program will give you a basic understanding of if - and how - regulatory demands will affect your product.




Courses and seminars organised by our partners. Start-up companies connected to a business incubator can receive a 10% discount on courses organised by Läkemedelsakademin (a part of Apotekarsocieteten). Simply write 'NPLS' in the comments field when you register.

15-17 OCTOBER: Drug Development - 3 Day Course
@ Wallingatan 26A, Stockholm / Online

This three-day course provides insights into all parts that should be addressed to effectively develop drugs, from discovery to product launch. The course is aimed at people involved in drug development (eg in small and medium-sized companies), and need a comprehensive picture of the complex development chain.

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22-24 OCTOBER: Basics of Regulatory Affairs
@ Wallingatan 26A, Stockholm / Online

Get an overview of Regulatory Affairs and an understanding of the regulatory requirements, including current regulations, processes and documentation.The course is primarily aimed at those who work in a small to medium sized research-based pharmaceutical company and need overall knowledge of Regulatory Affairs. 

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There are a number of established MedTech / HealthTech companies that are passionate about supporting innovative startups and advising the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We can help connect entrepreneurs with companies that are keen to share their expertise and experience in a number of areas from detailed technical advice on specific topics to strategic business development.

The meetings need to be well prepared with clear question(s) to be discussed, so that the most relevant experts are from the larger companies are engaged.


For more information, contact Magnus Bergendahl at Sahlgrenska Science Park (

More information on Astra Zeneca's Exchange Monitoring can be found here and here.





How have other companies succeeded in taking their projects from idea to a commercial product / service? What have they learned on their journey?

Recorded seminar: 
Fredrik Dahl, Forskningschef PerkinElmer

Fredrik Dahl, research director at PerkinElmer is a serial entrepreneur who - together with his colleagues – started, built and exited Halo Genomics. What did they learn, and did their learnings influence the strategies when their next company, Vanadis Diagnostics was built up. What choices did you need to make? What did they take the chance to change when they had to do the trip?

This seminar is in English (introduction in Swedish). Access a recording of the presentation here (you will need to register on Learnifier if you have not already done so. Registration is free of charge)




Recorded seminar:
Maria Winkvist, Kontigo Care

Maria explains how they took their e-health solution for addiction treatment from idea to market in 18 months. What did they learn through developing medical technology hardware and software, building quality systems, creating clinical data and the conditions for sales to healthcare providers?

This seminar is in Swedish. Access a recording of the presentation here.


Other seminars and courses that can help your business development. 

4 JUNE: Optimise your business development for medical devices
@ World Trade Center, Stockholm
Meeting held in Swedish

A meeting between innovators, investors, business developers and regulatory experts to share experiences. Through a mixture of lectures and panel discussions, the aim of the meeting is to give participants a better understanding of the connection between regulatory challenges and financing and sales strategies. Our vision is that more people will understand how the new regulatory landscape influences the strategies, how companies can plan at an early stage and ultimately that more Swedish innovations reach a global market

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For more information about the platform and its activities, please contact Andy Browning (, tel +46 706 181635