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At Serendipity, we are proud of our heritage and we embrace our serendipitous beginnings.

So much so, that it is a fundamental element in our philosophy and the way we work.

For more than a decade, Serendipity has focused on transforming cutting edge technologies into products and services that bring value to the world.


Ranging from environmentally friendly alternatives to existing products to novel products that pave the way and set new standards in their respective fields, we seek to build sustainable businesses with global markets.

We are company builders.
As such, our focus and core competence lies in the processes of company development. Today, we have a diverse portfolio of listed and privately held companies within Cleantech, Medtech, Biotech, Advanced material, and Animal health.

Serendipity’s management is also its largest shareholder, highly motivated and dedicated to its long-term development.

Stureplan 15
SE-11145 Stockholm

+46 (0) 707 98 36 39

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