An impact movement for a brighter future.

At Science Park Jönköpings län, we firmly believe that the solutions to our present and future societal challenges lie within the power of human innovation – and that innovative growth companies play a crucial role in securing the future of our region’s economy.

Our core business is to create, develop, and contribute to sustainable innovations. We work for the people and companies we support to make an impact on society – that they contribute to a positive influence on society. We have meeting places and business developers in all of the county’s 13 municipalities. In this way, we can combine a regional offer with local presence.

Science Park offers business development to everyone; from the individual entrepreneur and student with new ideas, to the startup company with growth potential. We also support researchers at Jönköping University and established companies that wants to develop tomorrow’s business. With us, you have the opportunity to gain access to everything from inspiration to knowledge, talent, and capital. We support your development of new sustainable businesses and innovations.

We actively strive to be a meeting place for everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and finding solutions to societal challenges through innovation. Together we form a community for the thousands of people we meet annually. A community that creates businesses, matching opportunities, and new innovative solutions.

Science Park Jönköping
Gjuterigatan 9
553 18 Jönköping

+46 36 305150