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Innovatum Science Park was founded in 1997 and has built up advanced networks and knowledge over the years. Innovatum Science Park works to strengthen business, sustainability and trade in Västra Götaland County, Sweden.

They have a large portfolio and great experience of running sustainability oriented projects. Main focus areas include sustainable production, sustainable transportation, renewables, maritime industries and creative industries. The Energy Agency of West Sweden, part of Innovatum Science Park, also runs many projects and activities. These support the transition from the use of fossil fuels to renewables – and increasing efficiency of solutions and processes.


Innovatum Science Park also hosts a four step incubator program, which includes business preparation, proof of concept, capitalization and take off. All companies that are accepted to the program are evaluated based on sustainability, innovation height, scalability, internationalization, team and market potential. The team has experience of working with sharing solutions, consumer and sustainability oriented products and services. The incubator is also one of three space incubators (ESA-BIC) and is strong in the field of digital tools and clearly defined methods.

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