We are the business partner for your innovations

Since 1995, GU Ventures has supported projects and companies spawned by the University of Gothenburg.

GU Ventures is an incubator fully owned by the Swedish government

Our aim is to develop new companies based on the cutting edge research performed at the University of Gothenburg and our mission is to ensure that research and knowledge is used to deliver economic, social and cultural benefits both nationally and internationally.


We are located at Erik Dahlbergsgatan at Vasaplatsen in Gothenburg on the same street as the University of Gothenburg Research and Innovation Office and Företagarna, within walking distance to the University of Gothenburg's main building and several faculties.

In close collaboration with the Research and Innovation Office at GU, with other incubators and actors in the innovation system, with our partners in the industry and on the capital market in Sweden, we contribute to the renewal of industry through commercialization of research and expertise.




GU Ventures AB
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 11A, floor 2
SE-411 26 Gothenburg 


+46 (0)31-786 51 63