welcome to Entreprenörsarenan

Create enterprises of great ideas

Entreprenörsarenan Bohuslän

a nonprofit organization with committed members from companies, organizations and individuals.

We are working actively in Fyrbodals 14 municipalities to give people opportunities to create enterprises of great ideas.

Entreprenörsarenans focus areas are:
- Medical Technology
- Maritime
- E-commerce
- Tourism

Entreprenörsarenan will offer inspiration and growth environment for innovators and entrepreneurs and facilitate the path to entrepreneurship with the help of, among others:

-   analysis of business opportunities

-   incubator / growth environment

-   advice of experienced entrepreneurs

-   living network

 We have our office and our Incubator Entreprenörsparken™ in Högskolecentrum in Uddevalla.Association Entreprenörsarenan Bohuslän owns a subsidiary, Entreprenörsarenan AB, whose mission is to support start-up, business development and financing of the development company.



Östergatan 18A
451 30 Uddevalla


Photo: Helena Wahlman/imagebank.sweden.se