Welcome to Atrinova

An Important link that creates growth and development

Atrinova is involved in business development, incubator and demonstration activities as well as industry spin-offs. The focus is on knowledge-intensive and high-tech business. 



Atrinova is also working on more in depth business development efforts as well as the commercialization of research outcomes, in order to maintain existing and develop new long-term job opportunities. The aim is to promote growth and thus maintain and expand local involvement in the region's business economy.

"Our support of the process may be by adding experienced business coaches. We also have an important network with industrial companies in the region who can provide their support."

Jöns Wahlström, chairman of the board of Atrinovas owner association, Trinova.






Atrinova Affärsutveckling AB
Varvsgatan 13
572 57 Oskarshamn

Phone +46 491 167 00
E-mail: info@atrinova.se