It all starts with an Idea

Gotta start somewhere!

Not in all cases, but for the most part, all things start with some type of idea.

The funny thing is that this is actually the only thing an idea is. The start of something. For this reason, when you work with an idea, it is of less importance whether or not the idea is good initially. The act of developing an idea is therefore much more focused on what can be, where the idea is your starting point.

The truth is that the most common start for all those successful things are actually not at all dependent on whether or not the initial starting point was good or bad but rather how it changed and turned in to become. What does matter is how you choose to move from this starting point.

Idélabbet (idea lab) does therefore not judge whether the idea is good or bad, what type of idea you have or how plausible it is to happen. All types of ideas could fit idélabbet, the small and unimportant as well as the big and game-changing.

We do not focus on getting your selling-pitch just right. Instead we focus on making it possible for the idea to develop and change by letting it be tested in the real world. The two most important weapons in idea development we believe are curiosity and the joy of creating things that people want.

the Kick-in days
Each month we open for the possibility to take part in idélabbet by participate in the so called: kick-in dagarna ("the kick-in days"). For two days we learn how idea developers think and what tools you need to participate. We work with methods such as: value proposition design, lean startup och jobs to be done.

Idea meet-ups
Idéträffarna ("the Idea meet-ups") are meetings where participants meet, talk and share thoughts and issues surrounding there idéas. Foremost they share what tests they plan to do, why and how they are panning to make them happen. Participants decide for themselves the date and time for each “idea meet-up" on the Facebook page of Idélabbet Gotlands.

Testing days / Workshops / Guest lectures
Before a Testdag (Testing day) we invite the public to participate in tests such as usability tests in our office spaces. We also coordinate workshops around fun and important topics as well as invites people with important ideas to share.

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Kaserngatan 1 Visby
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