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What's a corpup?

Corp-up: [kɔːpʌp] a portmanteau of the words "corporate" and "startup" meaning a business collaboration between a corporation and a startup.


Want to boost innovation within your company? Ready to explore the strategic benefits of startup collaborations?

Combient and Swedish Incubators & Science Parks are developing an interface for open innovation, enabling big corporations to interact with the most prominent deeptech startups and scaleups residing in innovation hubs all over Sweden.

Time to be eager about finding new ways in speeding up internal innovation processes and offers to fit the globalized, digitalized market. Staying competitive equals inviting new players to the field.

Why build an interface for Open Innovation?

Combient is a Joint Venture between 11 global enterprises headquartered in Sweden.

Together with them, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks are looking to establish tighter bonds between Sweden’s vibrant deeptech scene and the thriving, established companies.

Along the way, our mission is to develop the know-how, identifying best practice to assure sustainable offerings that meets long-term industry needs.

How much time do I need to invest?

In the end, it’s up to you. Depending on the challenges you wish to solve and the scope of the collaboration, you're free to set the agenda accordingly. 

What am I commiting to? 3 things -

#1: Meet us for an interview focusing on your needs

#2: Get introduced to promising deeptech startups and scaleups that is most relevant for you

#3: Continue interacting with one or several deeptechies on your terms

What are the participating startups and scaleups looking for? Probably -

A potential first and/or new customer.

A validation of their business idea and technology (proof of market).

Help verifying the final product requirements by a potential customer.

Sharp customer environments for pilot testing.