The winners of Intelligent Energy Management Challenge

Intelligent Energy Management Challenge
The winning entries in the international innovation competition Intelligent Energy Management Challenge come from entrepreneurs in Greece, Sweden and the United States. The winning entries and their innovative solutions create advantages for their prospective customers by optimizing production and consumption of electricity. The benefits appear in the whole buildings’ energy systems where the customer via a user friendly interface can control and optimize various features according to their wishes.

Although the contest phase is now over, the next exciting phase will start where the winning entries will be tested by a number of clients. In the test and verification phase microgrids will be included. And the winners of Intelligent Energy Management Challenge are:

Amzur Technologies, USA. Just like how we went mobile through smartphones, we can manage our energy resources. This winning team have developed a smart energy controller, forecasting your energy use in batteries, from the next few hours to the next few days, as well as how much solar power is being generated, and how much energy your batteries are currently storing. Their approach defines an open source framework to include everything from sensor and hardware to cloud services.

“We already have a sustainable energy system. The universe continually lights, heats and cools our planet. I love being creatively engaged in re-imagining our relationship with the whole system rather than being narrowly focused on putting band aids on a dying system.”

CERTH, Greece. Christos Korkas and his team of four has developed AGILE, a self-learning energy system that, based on key factors of energy management (such as weather or indoor conditions), knows how to calculate control actions in real time problems. That way, the system can take smart decisions around the energy management of a building, and satisfy end-user needs.

“Every aspect of modern human life tends to require solutions for better energy management. In the future, people will be heavily based on “smart” networks or smart-grids, which are going to completely replace humans in the decision making.”

Ferroamp Elektronik, Sweden. Besides being a classic photovoltaics system creating electricity out of solar energy, the EnergyHub’s system approach allows for an efficient integration of solar energy storage in buildings, reducing power conversion and cable losses, makes installations and modifications easier, and offers functionality all-year-round. Just as the smart phone is a platform for information management and communication technology, EnergyHub is a platform for renewable technology and energy management. A PV solar system adding value even when the sun doesn’t shine. 

“We spend most of our day to day life developing the most powerful energy management system in the world! Time and brain power well spent.”

KIC InnoEnergy, Sweden. The team behind KIC InnoEnergy’s solution, a Local System Operator (LSO), takes us users on an energy system transformation journey, through an innovative business model based on local energy production and consumption. By combining the best energy innovations from a great network of startups into an integrated platform, the LSO system takes responsibility for not only design but also operation of building electricity systems. The solution could contribute to creating smart energy communities consisting of LSO operated buildings and facilities, and digitally LSO connected consumers, together creating improved ways for people to interact with energy.

“We’re experimenting with different energy efficiency measures in our homes. One of us has reduced his energy consumption and cost by 50% by controlling the electrical floor-heating in his bathroom, and another one is programming the dishwasher to only run during non-peak hours. That’s what so interesting about energy, it is the combination of many small things that makes the big difference!”

The combination of solar energy and storage is on the agenda within the energy sector. As the share of renewable electricity increases, storage and flexibility become more important to create a smart and sustainable energy system.

– At Ihus we worked with new and innovative energy solutions in several of our properties so it was exciting to participate in the work of the jury and see all the interesting proposals presented. We hope of course to see any of the winning solutions implemented and tested with us, says Marie Säfström Sustainability Manager Ihus.

The next step after testing phase is to begin implementation through innovation procurement of the participating solutions and hopefully adding more clients in the procurement.

– By procurement of innovation we collect several clients, thus increasing the investment potential for the market to deliver attractive business models and functionality demanded by customers. We look forward to the opportunity to test the winning innovations, both in buildings and microgrids, in  real situations, says Sara Bargi, Head of the Sustainable Electricity Unit at the Swedish Energy Agency.

The purpose of the innovation competition is to obtain new smart flexible solutions for optimization of production and consumption where five municipalities have identified a need and interest for new solutions and therefore supports the initiative by acting as a critical mass and creating demand together. 

About Intelligent Energy Management Challenge
The contest is arranged by the Swedish Energy Agency and Swedish Incubators & Science Parks. The municipalities of Arvika, Göteborg, Eskilstuna, Herrljunga and Uppsala are participating.

•    Four grants have been selected and awarded 10 000 euros each. 
•    Winners will be invited to the negotiation with the participating municipalities of the pilot project for a value of EUR 50 0000 per municipality.
•    Successful pilot projects may result in contracts with a value of at least EUR 2.8 million.

The Swedish Energy Agency is the main organizer of the competition. The process of the competition is made in cooperation with Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) and Nine Sigma. SISP is coordinating the competition and enables the facilitation and support through regional innovation environments in Sweden. Nine Sigma is an American company that has extensive experience in creating and driving innovation competitions successfully.

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